What Lies Beneath

What Changed From 20 To 30

A Much-Awaited Reunion

Then And Now

Mature Into A Child

Good Things #1

There Is No Destination, Except…


The Web Of The Web

The New Normal

What I Learned From Belly Dancing, Animation, And Solving The Rubik’s Cube

How To Get Started With A New Language

The Online-Offline Limbo

The Good, The Bad, And The Okay

Text Playlist #1

Letting Go: Elaborate Systems For Work & Life

Transformation vs Change (And Why It’s Good To Aim For The Latter)

A Simple System To Manage Digital Data

Learn To Trust: Lessons From Learning To Swim

Letting Go: The Need For Approval

In Search Of A New Sanctuary

2 Simple Ways To Be Happy

East vs West, We vs I

Open Your Eyes: Lessons From Learning To Swim


Walking On Goals

Getting Back On Track

The Big Of Small

My Essential Work Setup

Update On My Resolution For 2014

Hitting Rock Bottom

Start Here

Do What You Love, But Before That...

The Dilemma Of Silence

Where Are We Going With The Add-ons In Our Life?

Successful or Not?

Do One Thing At A Time And Do It Well

Why You Must Accept Who You Are

How To Take Back Your Web Space

What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

I Don’t Want To Be A Clock Puppet Anymore

2 Crazy Weeks, 1 Fresh Start

4 Ways To Make Your Workflow Smoother

My Only Resolution For 2014

Why New Year Resolutions Fail

Bittersweet December

Completely Offline

How To Move Forward When You Feel You Can’t

To Automate Or Not To Automate Your Life

You Knew Best...

Kill Your Darlings

What’s Your Blind Spot?

A List To Remember

Play Fair

Redefining Necessities

The Curse Of Indifference

Inescapable Realities, Optional Perspectives

Heartfelt and Handwritten

A Digital Home of One’s Own

The Wrong Rules That Are Shaping Online Writing

Forward to the Past: Defining Undustrial Revolution


The Sunday Brew

Undustrial Revolution - The Writings of Akshata
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